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Well, this blog has come to an end, and I’ve chosen my next series to chronicle. Or rather, next two series. I’m going to try to make this work (updates will be slower), and I hope my readers follow me there.

Juukou B-Fighter - B-Fighter:

This will be noticeably less detailed than my sentai blogs. However, I wanted to give the show some attention.

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger - Power Animal:

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Thank you for reading~

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28 April 2012 @ 4:02 PM

As you’ve noticed, I’ve pretty much finished chronicling Dairanger. I hope you enjoyed my work.

I debated over what sentai (or even tokusatsu) to blog next. It was originally between Ohranger and Megaranger. However, Ohranger has not been fully translated and Megaranger has only been partially translated so I’ll hold off on those for now.

Lo and behold, I went back in time to 1991 to spotlight the fifteenth “Super Sentai” installment - Choujin Sentai Jetman. Fans of Dairanger and Zyuranger will recognize some familiar faces. You can follow Cross Changer at the below address.


Tenshin daaa to everyone~ 

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27 April 2012 @ 11:46 PM

[BATTLE] Dairanger vs. Ojaru Daioh.

Trump Duke and his minions used enlargement bombs to become giants. The Dairanger summoned their Qidenjuu to confront the monsters.

Qiden Bujin Ryuuseioh knocked the goons aside before jumping onto Tenkuu Qiden. The Gorma enemies threw their energy attacks at the flying palace. The heroes then formed Dairenoh.

Since the Dairanger performed a combination maneuver, Trump Duke and his henchmen melded into a single being called Ojaru Daioh. The new monster hit Dairenoh with a Purse Monk gourd. With Baron String’s tubular tentacle, Ojaru incapacitated Dairenoh.

After freeing itself with the Great Javelin, Dairenoh unleashed Dairenoh Great Whirlwind. Finally, Ojaru Daioh was killed by Raging Hurricane Waves. All of Trump Duke’s victims returned to normal as well.

From: Gosei Sentai Dairanger - The Movie

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27 April 2012 @ 10:55 PM

[BATTLE] Dairanger vs. Trump Duke, Baron String, Purse Monk, Key Clown & Lipstick Songstress.

After Shouji, Daigo and Kazu were trapped in Trump Duke’s magical hat, they were swept off into the sky. They fell out of the hat and landed on Ryuuseioh’s head.

When Trump Duke’s victims turned into cards, he tried to throw them into a fire. Ryou, Lin and a young girl named Makoto showed up to stop the monster. Fortunately, Ryuuseioh distracted the enemy with a burst of flames. The five Dairanger reunited and then transformed.

Trump Duke revived four monsters that the Dairanger fought and defeated - Baron String, Purse Monk, Key Clown and Lipstick Songstress.

With the Hidden Mist maneuver, Shishi Ranger struck Key Clown with an illusion. Purse Monk’s human form threw one of its gourds at Tenma Ranger. However, Tenma hit it back with his Dairen Rod. The gourd attached to Purse’s head and he fell into the pool.

Baron String caught Kirin Ranger’s Dairen Rod and used it against him. Kirin triggered Time Reversal so he could fire his Dai Buster at Baron String and the Cotpotros. Houou Ranger unleashed her qi attack upon Lipstick Songstress.

Finally, Ryuu Ranger subdued Trump Duke with Blazing Lightning Destruction.

From: Gosei Sentai Dairanger - The Movie

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27 April 2012 @ 4:23 PM

[BATTLE] Shishi Ranger, Tenma Ranger & Kirin Ranger vs. Trump Duke.

Shouji, Daigo and Kazu came across a mysterious man who was turning children into cards. The stranger transformed into the monster Trump Duke. Using their Dairen Rods, the Dairanger knocked the enemy out the window.

The creature transported his opponents to a poolside area. Trump Duke unleashed a volley of card blasts, blowing up a statue near the Dairanger.

After the Triumvirate arrived, Trump Duke captured the three Dairanger inside of his hat.

From: Gosei Sentai Dairanger - The Movie

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27 April 2012 @ 2:03 AM

[BATTLE] The End.

Houou Ranger, Shishi Ranger and Kiba Ranger hurried into the Gorma palace to help their friends. Daijinryuu continued to blast away outside.

The Dairanger countered Gorma XVI’s Earth Shaking Jewel with the Lailai Jewels. However, neither side was triumphant, and the energy blew a hole in the roof. The spirit of Master Kaku suddenly appeared. He told his disciples that the Dairanger should not destroy the Gorma, only thwart them. If you power disappeared, so would qi power.

The Gorma Palace crashed to the ground. The Dairangers’ jewels started to glow, and the heroes reverted to their civilian clothes. All seven Lailai Jewels and the Earth Shaking Jewel flew off into space. This appeased Daijinryuu, and the serpent retreated.

Gorma XVI turned back into Shadam. Despite what Kaku said, Ryou wanted to kill Shadam. Their brawl ended with Shadam being stabbed by his own knife. Surprisingly, he turned into a clay doll and crumbled.

The other Dairanger escaped the palace before it exploded. They worried that Ryou didn’t survive, but their leader emerged from the rubble.

When the heroes couldn’t find any trace of Shadam, they decided to disband.

Fifty years later, a Gorma monster attacked during the Dairangers’ reunion. Their grandchildren, who secretly trained in case the enemy returned, called for the dormant Lailai Jewels. After transforming into the new Dairanger team, they summoned Dairenoh and confronted Shin Gorma Kaijin.

From: Episode 50

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27 April 2012 @ 12:42 AM

[BATTLE] Dairanger vs. Gorma XVI & Gara.

Once Shishi Ranger and Houou Ranger weakened Gara, they prepared to finish her off. A random peacock feather interrupted them, and an image of Kujaku appeared. Gara, like Zydos and Gorma XV, was another clay puppet of Shadam’s. The spirit of the reformed Gara returned to the afterlife with Kujaku.

Ryuu Ranger, Tenma Ranger and Kirin Ranger were unable to stop Gorma XVI. His Earth Shaking Jewel made him too powerful. Suddenly, Daijinryuu arrived to destroy the Gorma palace. The Dairanger tried to escape, but Gorma XVI refused to let them go. His sanity had been stripped by the Earth Shaking Jewel, and he only wanted to kill the Dairanger.

From: Episode 49

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26 April 2012 @ 11:06 PM

[ATTACK] Darinken Shoot.

In episode 49, Kirin Ranger attached the Rod Arrow to his Dairinken. He then unleashed the new weapon upon one of the Gorma guards. This maneuver was called Heavenly Time Star Dairinken Shoot (天時星・大輪剣シュート; Tenjisei dairinken shuuto; Lit. Heavenly time star big wheel blade shoot).

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26 April 2012 @ 10:45 PM

[BATTLE] Dairanger vs. the Gorma Tribe.

After Kaku died, the Dairanger stormed the Gorma palace. Ryuu Ranger, Tenma Ranger and Kirin Ranger fought the Gorma guards while Houou Ranger and Shishi Ranger confronted Gara outside.

Shadam went to spoke to Gorma XV, who unveiled the powerful Earth Shaking Jewel. Shadam revealed that Gorma XV, much like Zydos, was just a clay puppet. All along, Shadam was the one truly in charge of the clan. Gorma XV was made to be a placeholder until Shadam ascended to the throne.

To break into the emperor’s lair, Ryuu Ranger, Kirin Ranger and Tenma Ranger combined their qi. This blasted the door wide open. Inside, the trio found Gorma XV turning to clay. Finally, Shadam transformed into Gorma XVI.

From: Episode 49

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